Designing Innovative Solutions In The Urban-Social Field

Mammute Urban Innovation Studio (MUIS)


Mammute Urban Innovation Studio (MUIS) was formed from the formation and development of an initial idea around the creation of innovation in common urban studies and consultation processes. Our efforts at this center, currently known as a startup studio, are to discover, create and accelerate innovative ideas in the field of urban studies and management structures as follows:

City ​​People

As a collaborative platform in order to understand and formulate the network and system of local, urban and regional issues

Urban Co-Creation

As an interactive social platform for designing solutions for the network of problems identified in the processes and management patterns of cities.

Culture and Technology Institute

Providing a physical and spatial platform for the innovative activities of social and economic activists in urban areas

Urban Branding

Providing bottom-up development opportunities from within local communities

About Us

The sum of the above innovative platforms is in line with the operational realization of the sublime concept of “collective action”. This concept, as an approach proposed in today’s decision-making and decision-making structures, is focused on building a society in which stakeholders and stakeholders participate in a cooperative and coordinated process to solve problems.


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