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Women, Key Entrepreneurs in Home-Based Businesses and Local Small Businesses:

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The role of women in Iranian society in promoting home-based businesses and local small businesses, which still have traditional and family-oriented structures, is undeniable. Despite changes in social and cultural patterns in recent decades in the country, women are still the main focus of Iranian families. In addition to their significant cultural role in family management, according to official statistics, women also account for 75% of all home-based businesses. Therefore, both culturally and in terms of economic activity and social development of local communities, the role of women is very prominent and important. However, in the current situation, the suitable conditions for the development of home-based and local small businesses by this capable group of society are not provided. One of the most fundamental challenges facing local women entrepreneurs is the mismatch between the facilities and services provided by the banking system and the capacities of this group. In other words, there is a significant and stark difference between the conditions for benefiting from banking facilities for women entrepreneurs, especially female household heads who are self-employed in home-based businesses, and other individuals from banking facilities or other government and public services. This has led many active women or potential entrepreneurs, especially in less privileged areas of the country, to be deprived of these facilities and services and practically not have any effective support and backing. Therefore, one of the most important activities that the government can consider is to focus on developing effective programs for the employment conditions of active women in local businesses. This program, designed as “Women’s Business Homes,” provides not only innovative ideas for allocating banking resources to local women entrepreneurs, but also comprehensive measures for empowering capable women in the field.

Based on this innovative idea, in addition to providing opportunities for local women entrepreneurs who are currently engaged in home-based or small businesses but face challenges due to existing barriers, an executable mechanism will be implemented to promote and develop entrepreneurial thinking among other women. This mechanism will shape a network of motivated and knowledgeable women who can enter the local small and local business markets through active local economic actors, especially female entrepreneurs, or launch their own innovative business ideas. In this idea, in addition to familiarizing women with the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, team building, and group formation skills, social networking, psychological counseling, and motivational courses are provided to prepare participants and acquaint them with the basic principles of entering the local job market. Therefore, implementing this idea will not only solve the existing problems of female entrepreneurs but also provide the groundwork for the development of a network of home-based businesses by women at the local level. This idea can be presented in the following specific titles:

  • Policymaking and development of operational programs for entrepreneurship development in small and home-based businesses based on the social and cultural characteristics of active women and female-headed households.
  • Facilitating institutional processes for licensing and facilities for small and home-based businesses, especially for female-headed households.
  • Establishing “Women’s Business Homes” at the neighborhood level in urban areas and rural areas of the country.